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Arrest Report:


Samuel C.L. Alburtus - Eureka Springs - 25 - driving on suspended, driving left of center
Jason D. Bertone - Green Forest - 41 - possession of firearms by certain person, hold for other agency
John D. Collins - Harrison - 32 - failure to appear
Jarrod M. Edward - Berryville - 22 - public intox
Dalton S. Jacobs - Eureka Springs - 21 - public intox
Shawn R. Landin - Berryville - 36 - public intox
Tamala L. Martin - Berryville - 34 - hold for other agency


Michael W. Faught - Green Forst - 50 - reckless driving, drinking on highway
John W. Fravel - Green Forst - 44 - hold for Madison County
Rebecca L. Hartman - Berryville - 46 - domestic battery 3rd degree


Kim K. Birchfield - Berryville - 52 - possession drug paraphernalia/meth
Jason R. Faddis - Alpena - 51 - hindering apprehension or prosecution
Benito Z. Guttierrez - Harrison - 35 - DWI, no driver's license
Amanda E. Henderson - Berryville - 31 - driving on suspended license, hold for other agencies
Tabetha D. Jorns - Berryville - 24 - drug paraphpernalia with intent-meth
Raven Y. Lawless - Berryville - 28 - hold for other agency
Kenneth L. Morgan - Branson - 42 - hold for other agency, possession of drug paraphernalia
Aaron L. Skelton - Kingston - 34 - leaving the scene of accident w/ property damage, failure to report accident, obstructing highway, failure to show registration, use of wireless phone while driving, driving on suspended/revoked license, driving on restricted drivers license, no proof of liability insurance, DWI drugs, reckless driving, white warrant-parole


Sabrina R. Doss - Berryville - 35 - immediate incarceration order
Amanda E. Henderson - Berryville - 31 - driving on suspended license, hold for other agencies
Whitney D. Honey - Eureka Springs - 28 - failure to appear
Daniel E. Punchak - Green Forest - 28 - drug court violation
Andrew F. Roberts - Berryville - 21 - failure to pay


Daniel E. Amaya-Musto - Berryville - 37 - DWI, refusal to submit, no driver's license, fleeing, reckless driving, leaving scene of accident
Kenneth E. Goff - Kansas City, Mo - 44 - possession controlled substance
Robert B. Orman - Berryville - 21 - failure to pay x 2
Christopher A. Reno - Springdale - 38 - unauthorized use of vehicle


Elvis Alvarado-Gomez - Baton Rouge - 23 - no drivers license, careless & prohibited
Jesse A. Cooper - Eueka Springs - 29 - hold for other agency
Michael A. Joyner - Heber Springs - 28 - domestic batterying, public intox, possession controlled substances, possession instrument of crime
Brian E. King - Green Forest - 34 - residential burglary
Cody J. Parton - Green Forest - 29 - residential burglary
Patricia G. Thompson - Pea Ridge - 49 - failure to appear
Linsey C. Williams - Berryvi8lle - 25 - residential burglary
Barbara L. Wilson - Green Forest - 51 - no charge listed


Eddie J. Bates - Alpena - driving on suspended license
Mario R. Campos - Green Forest - 40 - no drivers license, no proof of liability insurance
Bradley E. Faught - Eureka Springs - 33 - possession drug paraphernalia-meth
Nicholas R. Hoffman - Green Forest - 28 - domestic battery
Heather M. Jester - Green Forest - 37 - drinking on highway failure to pay


Benjamin M. Alvis - Prairie Grove, Ar - 31 - Transfer from ASP trustee
Kathleen D. Cole - Green Forest - 44 - commercial burglary, lottery fraud
Jerry W. Edmondson - Bentonville - 57 - forgery 2nd degree
Scot W. McKnight - Eureka Springs - 52 - criminal trespass, failure to appear
Brandon D. Patty - Berryville - 29 - possession of controlled substance, hold for other agency
Lorrie A. Young-Reynolds - Eureka Springs - 50 - possession of controlled substance-meth, possession of drug paraphernalia, failure to appear


David L. Dennington - Texarkana, Ar - 43 - assault on family/household member


Sarah L. Davis - Eureka Springs - 25 - failure to pay
Mark D. Olson - Green Forest - 42 - public intox
Delbert L. Phillips - Holiday Island - 57 - hold for other agency
Jerry O. Robinson - OMaha - 43 - felony failure to appear, failure to appear x 3


Allen R. Armer - Alpena - 53 - driving on suspended license, driving left of center
Cynthia M. Fletcher - Green Forest - 31 - failure to pay
Patricia A. McGlynn - Green Forest - 41 - obstructing Gov. operations, failure to appear, body attachment child support


Brennan A. Badley - Green Forest - 22 - driving on suspended license, no tail light
Brenda D. Carpenter - Oklahoma City, Ok - 48 - driving on suspended, possession of marijuana, possession instrument of crime, endangering welfare of incomp., no liability insurance
Timothy T. Ferguson - 31 - failure to pay
Silvia L. Hernandez - Berryville - 59 - obstructing Gov. operations, resisting arrest, refusal to submit to arrest, disorderly conduct
Nathan W. Keys - Green Forest - 53 - public intox
Scott G. Logan - Green Forest - 31 - failure to appear
Ronny J. Mandrell - Green Forest - 39 - failure to pay
Eliel Ramirez Martinez - Berryville - 54 - DWI, careless/prohibited driving, no driver's license, implied consent
Mario Reyes Perez - Berryville - 61 - DWI, disorderly conduct, obstructing Gov. Ops., no liability insurance, reckless driving, speeding


Leopoldo O. Arciga - Green Forest - 40 - DWI
Charles E. Briley - Geen Forest - 39 - court appearance
Brittney H. Collett - Berryville - 30 - bond revocation
Christopher J. Glidden - Pineville, Mo - 41 - DWI, implied consent, driving w/out headlights, failure to use turn signal, driving on suspended license
Carlton J. Hampton - Rowlette, Tx - 44 - failure to appear
Ashley N. Pearson - Green Forest - 28 - public intox
David Rios-Perez - Green Forest - 22 - court commitment


Cory D. Dobbins - Harrison - 24 - failure to appear
Steven P. King - Dardanelle - 30 - failure to pay, theft of property


Bobby S. Bowlby - Green Forest - 45 - public intox
Brett A. Buescher - Pea Ridge - 45 - DWI, careles/prohibited driving
Jackie F. Horton - Green Forest - 33 - public intox
Laura A. Smith - Green Forest - 43 - DWI, careless/prohibited driving, no seat belt
Jessica L. Yancey - Green Forest - 25 - speeding, drivers license suspended, no seat belt, no child safety restriant x4, endangering a minor x 5


Deana A.M. Elliott - Bella Vista - 22 - violation of AR Hot Check Law x 3
Amanda E. Henderson - Berryville - 31 - domestic battery
John H. Kisling - Eagle Rock, Mo - 46 - failure to appear
Scot W. McKnight - Eureka Springs - 52 - public intox, possession, drug paraphernalia
Clint E. Phillips - Huntsville - 38 - revocation


Christopher W. Barker - Eureka Springs - 45 - possession of firearms by certain person, aggravated robbery, theft, commercial burglary
Travis A. Boling - Green Forst - 19 - aggravated robbery, theft, commercial burglary
Marsha A. Hammerstone - Berryville - 28 - failure to appear, possession of controlled substance
Duke M. Johnson - Alpena - 21 - hold for other agency
Desmond R. Jones - Berryville - 26 - speeding, reckless driving, no proof of liability insurance, driving on suspended/revoked license
William C. Lindsey - Berryville - 43 - white warrant parole
Travis C. Rogers - Hollister, Mo - 20 - court commitment
Troy D. Shepherd - Mountainburg, Ar - 45 - domestic battery, criminal mischief
Charles T. Taylor - Eureka Springs - 26 - hold for other agency, driving on suspended/revoked license
Travis D. Walker - Berryville - 31 - public intox, harrassment, disorderly conduct
Martin G. Zamudio - Berryville - 41 - criminal trespass, staling 3rd degree
Jonathon E. Zovak - Eureka Springs - 28 - body attachment child support


Ricardo Garcia - Green Forest - 32 - aggravated assault x 4


William L. Caldwell - Berryville - 26 - DWI, reckless driving, expired tags, no vehicle tags, no insurance
Ellsworth J. Comer - Eureka Springs - 19 - possession controlled substance
Leslie M. Hammond - Eureka Springs - 31 - resisting arrest, drunk insane disorderly, criminal mischief, fleeing
Cori Beth Steinmetz - St. Louis, Mo - 27 - lottery fraud, possession drug parphernalia x 2
Osvaldo Vaquera - Eureka Springs - 19 - possession drug paraphernalia


Timothy B. Blanshan - Berryville - 54 - failure to pay
Larry D. Jetton - Berryville - 24 - possession of paraphernalia-meth, hold for other agency
Tabetha D. Jorns - Berryville - 24 - criminal trespass
Keith Owens - Oak Grove - 46 - possession of controlled substance, possession of drug paraphernalia, white warrant for parole


Joanna G. Buck - Berryville - 22 - possession, ossession drug paraphernalia/felony
Robin S. Gerlick - Berryville - 27 - forgery
Rickey S. Spencer - Eureka Springs - 38 - failure to pay


Elijah C. Anglin - Berryville - 29 - failure to pay
Ramon A. Garcia - Green Forest - 61 - public intox
Kyle M. Gates - Harrison - 24 - failure to appear
Danny R. Rowlins - Huntsville - 26 - public intox, disorderly conduct
Linen Christine Sheets - Alpena - 29 - public intox, disorderly conduct, domestic battery
Daniel R. Simmons - Green Forest - 21 - possession controlled substance, assault on family/HH member, terroristic threatening, theft of property
James R. Wilson - Harrison - 39 - hold for Harrison P.D.


Brennan A. Badley - Green Forest - 22 - failure to appear, possession of instrument of crime, hold for other agency
Bradley E. Faught - Berryville - 33 - failure to appear
Ray A. Fry - Oak Grove - 40 - body attachment for child support, possession of controlled substance, driving on suspended/revoked license, whate warrant-parole
Dennis J. Gibson - Berryville - 27 - aggravated assault, residential burglary
Spring D. Green - Springfield, Mo - 33 - revocation of suspended sentence
Bobby Guilbeau - Eureka Springs - 55 - assault on family/household member
Juan J. Lara - Berryville - 20 - failure to appear
Alex D. Osorio - Green Forest - 19 - failure to appear
James Wilson - Berryville - hold for other agency


Matthew C. Butler - Galena, Ks - 23 - public intox, disorderly conduct, carrying prohibited weapon, assault 2nd degree
Nicholas B. Gochenour - Berryville - 36 - affidavit domesti battery
Reison Norenso - Berryville - 31 - driving on suspended license
Emmanuel Rocha-Quiroz - Green Forest - 23 - failure to pay x 2
Jose R. Sosa Portillo - Berryville - 21 - failure to pay, resisting arrest


James J. Thompson - Berryville - 45 - domestic battery


Amber N. Asbury - Green Forest - 29 - failure to pay
Brandon B. Glover - Van Buren - 20 - failure to pay
Sony J. Weathereal - Berryville - 34 - hold for court


Christopher A. Gragg - Norfork, Ar - 35 - driving on suspended/revoked license, speeding, no inusrance, failure to pay registration fee
Kimberly D. Hill - Green Forest - 37 - hold for other agency
Tommy L. Jerrell - Berryville - 40 - court appearance
Kimberly D. Jones - Green Forst - 31 - warrant violation AR Hot Check Law

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News for Thursday, March 26, 2015

Photograph of Green Forest Wednesday, provided by Police Chief John Bailey, as storm clouds rolled in from west to east.

Woman Injured in a Rollover Accident Wednesday

A Green Forest woman was injured Wednesday evening during severe storms when she lost control of her vehicle on Hwy. 311 North of Green Forest.  At news time, Arkansas State Police had not issued the accident report with details including the woman's name. 

Bridge Buckles on Hwy. 187

Crews will be out to inspect a bridge on Highway 187 in Holiday Island that was shut down because of severe weather Wednesday night.   Strong flash flooding caused the bridge to buckle. Witnesses said a white SUV was swept away into the creek.  The damage is near  Elk Ranch on Highway 187 just east of Beaver.  It's unknown at this time if the occupants were able to get out safely.

Eureka Springs Fire and EMS Respond to Emergencies

Photo:  North Main Street with a couple trapped in a white pick up truck on Mill Hollow Road. The occupants were safely removed with the aid of swift water techs from the department.

Wednesday evening proved to be quite busy for Eureka Springs Fire and EMS. EMS, fire and rescue personnel responded to numerous calls during the course of a stormy afternoon and evening. Rescue personnel performed a successful rescue from a flooded vehicle on Mill Hollow Road, responded to several gas leaks and electrical short circuit calls, a fire alarm, people trapped by rising water, and various and sundry medicals.

Clifty Chicken Farm Damaged in Severe Storm

The slow start to the nation's tornado season came to a blustery end Wednesday when tornadoes hit Arkansas and Oklahoma.  A possible tornado in Northwest Arkansas during the first round of Wednesday's severe weather was tracked by radar in the Beaver Lake area just before 5 p.m., according to the National Weather Service.  First responders were unable to find damage on the ground to match a spotter's report of tree damage in the War Eagle area, said Robert McGowen, Emergency Management director for Benton County.

The National Weather Service said a possible tornado touched down in Madison County. There were reports of tornadoes spotted in Clifty, Berryville and near War Eagle.
A confirmed tornado ripped through Clifty on Wednesday evening around 5:30 P.M. A chicken farm in Clifty likely hit by the reported tornado that came through the area or strong straight line winds. Four buildings were damaged on the property including three chicken houses. The owner, Mike Ingram says he was just returning home when he pulled up and saw the roofs flying off the chicken houses. He said he was shocked because he didn't realize just how severe the storms were going to get.  Ingram found his wife and kids safe inside their home. While nobody was injured, he estimates close to half a million dollars in damage.

Lightning Likely Cause of House Fire in Southern Stone County

Lightning from Wednesday night's round of severe weather is most likely to blame for a house fire at a popular Branson-area golf resort.  Crews were dispatched to the home located on Stoney Creek Lane in the StoneBridge Resort at about 8:30 p.m. Upon arrival, they say flames were shooting through the roof and that two vehicles parked at the home were up in flames. Southern Stone County Fire Chief David Gyger says crews had to bring in about a dozen tankers to battle the fire, because some of the hydrants were not working when they arrived.  Southern Stone County Fire, Western Taney County Fire, and Branson Fire battled the blaze for about three hours. Nobody was injured.

Severe Weather Stops Search For Missing Woman at Beaver Lake

Search and rescue teams will stop their search efforts for a missing woman at Beaver Lake Wednesday night due to potential for severe weather.  Keisha Guyll with the Benton County Sheriff's Office said the search stopped at 7:00 p.m. Wednesday and will resume at 7:00 a.m. today.

Former Berryville Educator Passes

Silas  Brewer, 93, formerly of Berryville, passed away on Sunday, March 22nd at the Piggott Community Hospital in Piggott, Ark.   He graduated from Arkansas State Teachers College in Conway and the University of Arkansas with a masters and a specialist degree in education. He taught in Monticello, Wilburn, and Mountainburg Public Schools. He spent 31 years with the Berryville Public School in Berryville, AR, serving as principal and superintendent. He was a long time member of the Berryville Rotary Club and served on the board of the Carroll Regional Medical Center.  There will be no service. Cremation by Holt Memorial Chapel.

Springtime Yards & Yards of Yard Sales in Eureka Springs

The springtime Yards & Yards of Yard Sales event will take place on Friday and Saturday, April 24-25 from 7 a.m. to 3 p.m. at locations citywide. In the event of bad weather the event will take place the following Friday and Saturday, May 1-2.  Now is the time to clean up your clutter and pocket some cash!  Make the most of your efforts by signing up and getting your name on the official YYYS Map that is distributed throughout the town on the weekend of the sale. People come from all around to find bargains on treasures in Eureka Springs and Holiday Island.  Getting your location on the map is easy! Stop by the Visitor Information Center at Pine Mountain Village and pay $15, mark your spot on the map, and get your YYYS permit sign.  Once the map becomes available it will be available online and in local businesses as well as at the Visitor Center.   For more information call 479-253-8737 or email holly@eurekaspringschamber.com and find them on Facebook at Yards & Yards of Yard Sales of Eureka Springs.

Berryville Mayor Upset Over AHTD Funding Issues

NWAOnline - Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney wants congress to step up to the plate and solve the funding issues for failing roads.  This week, the highway department pulled more than $100 million worth of projects out of concerns it wouldn't be reimbursed by the federal government. In the northwestern district of Arkansas, six projects were cancelled.  One is located in Berryville-- a project the mayor says the city has spent time and resources preparing for. "I think the highway department is just as frustrated as we are locally," said Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney.  "This is a federal issue. Congress refuses to fix the problem."  Berryville Mayor Tim McKinney says the patches and pot holes on Highway 21 are in need of the overlay.  The city worked to relocate a water line in preparation for the project only to watch it get pulled.  'It's getting pretty rough," said McKinney.  It's one of six projects in what's known as "district 9" of the highway department-- covering eight counties from Benton to Boone.  Other cancelled projects in the ninth district include an intersection in Harrison and widening a portion of Highway 62 to four lanes. In all, more than 60 projects were cancelled across the state.

Testing for Heart Health

You may have your blood pressure checked regularly, but Arkansas Heart Hospital Doctor Monica Lo says you should consider a heart screening.  "Keep the beat is a simple tool that we can use that we spend an hour or two of your time go through blood test and then checking blood pressure, getting CT score, looking at blockages in your leg, risk factors for sleep apnea." Which is something more Arkansans need to do. Arkansas has the fifth highest death rate from heart disease... Doctor Lo says most patients she's seen say they had no idea something could be wrong.  She says there are several symptoms of heart disease...

-chest pressure
-heart racing
-shortness of breathe

But Doctor Lo says even if you don't have any of these symptoms you should still consider a screening especially if you have family history of heart disease... "If they feel like something is not right sometimes feel fatigue do not ignore those symptoms you need to get checked out.  A screening at the hospital costs a hundred dollars and should only take two to three hours of your time.

Unique Competition to Honor Dolly Parton’s Songwriting Career

To honor the incredible songwriting of Dolly Parton, her hometown will once again host the Mountain Soul Vocal Competition, now in its 11th year. This year’s competition will be sponsored by Sound Biscuit Productions and will feature contestants who are asked to sing a song written by Dolly in the style of his or her own choosing (country, rock, rap, bluegrass, etc.). Contestants may enter in the 13 and up age division or the 12 and under division for this competition.

Born Dolly Rebecca Parton on January 19, 1946, in Sevierville, Tenn., Dolly drew much inspiration from her “Tennessee Mountain Home” and wrote about the beautiful scenery and Appalachian culture that surrounded her. As far as event organizers know, this is the only vocal competition in the world that specifically honors the songwriting of Dolly Parton.  Winning competitors will take home cash and prizes including a recording session in Nashville, Tenn.

Interested vocalists may obtain an application online at www.BloominBBQ.com or by calling the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce at 1-888-889-7415. Return the application and entry fee along with an audition tape, CD, DVD, or Digital File on Jump Drive / Thumb Drive of the contestant singing a song written by Dolly Parton in the style of his or her own choosing, to the Sevierville Chamber of Commerce. Entries must be postmarked by Wed., April 8, 2015. The Mountain Soul Vocal Competition is part of Sevierville’s 11th Annual Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass event May 15-16, 2015. For more information about the Mountain Soul Vocal Competition or Bloomin’ Barbeque & Bluegrass, visit www.BloominBBQ.com.

News for March 25, 2015

Search for Missing Woman, Possible Drowning on Beaver Lake

Search and rescue teams resumed their search efforts for a missing woman at Beaver Lake Wednesday morning.  After hours of searching for a missing 21-year-old, Benton County deputies are now calling efforts to find the woman, a search and recovery.  According to emergency crews, a call came in around 4:00 p.m. Tuesday about a group of six people, reportedly family members, stranded on a sandbar. Deputies say the canoe and paddle boat the group was using became unusable and they all had to swim to shore. The group then realized one person was missing, a 21-year-old female.

Woman Sues Entergy - Says She's Victim of Identity Theft

HDT - Dawn Koop of Harrison was just last week granted an injunction stopping Entergy from shutting off her power in a dispute over an account she said was opened in her name due to identity theft about nine years ago.  Koop, who is over the age of 61 and on a fixed income of $733 a month, lives in Harrison.   In April 2014, Koop got a letter from Entergy informing her that her account had a transferred balance of $701.70 for electricity service at an address in Green Forest that was opened in 2006, the lawsuit said.  She said she has never lived in Green Forest and never allowed Entergy to open an account in her name in Green Forest, but the company threatened to shut off her power if she didn’t pay for the Green Forest account.

She alleges that Entergy had on March 13 threatened to shut off her service in Harrison if she didn’t pay the bill at Green Forest by March 19, but she maintains that she doesn’t owe Entergy any money.  Koop believes that she was the victim of identity theft and that Entergy didn’t make any reasonable effort to ascertain why she was allowing an account to be opened in her name other than at her residence. She also alleges that Entergy won’t allow her lawyer, Rick Watson, to speak with the company’s legal department and has only been allowed to talk with customer service.

Power Restored After Brief Outage in Benton, Carroll Counties Tuesday Morning

Power was turned back on for thousands of Carroll Electric Cooperative Cooperation customers in Benton and Carroll Counties Tuesday morning, after a brief outage. The company said roughly 18,730 people were without power after crews accidentally turned a transmission line off.  Power was restored to all customers by 8 a.m.

Kimberling City Woman Pleads Guilty to Reduced Charges

A Kimberling City woman charged in the 2013 death of 28-year-old Daniel Martin has pled guilty to reduced charges of involuntary manslaughter and stealing.  Annmarie Jean Patrick, born 1994, of Kimberling City, was originally charged with first-degree murder and six other felonies in the death of Martin, court records show.  Patrick received seven years for both charges and is to serve them consecutively.

Boozman: EPA Proposal Negatively Impacts Arkansas

U.S. Senator John Boozman (R-AR) joined members of the Senate Committee on Agriculture, Nutrition and Forestry to hear testimony from stakeholders across the country, including Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge about the impact of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) overreaching “Waters of the Unites States” (WOTUS) proposed rule.  “Arkansas, farmers, ranchers and agriculture producers are under attack by the overreach of the EPA and its proposed WOTUS rule that negatively impacts rural America. I have serious concerns about the agency’s power grab because it will make life harder for Arkansas families, circumvents Congress and is beyond the intent of the Clean Water Act.  I appreciate Attorney General Rutledge’s testimony and look forward to working with her, my colleagues in the Senate and concerned Arkansans to prevent this rule’s implementation,” Boozman said.  In March of 2014 the EPA published the WOTUS rule that would give the administration much greater power to oversee the land use decisions of homeowners, small businesses and family farms throughout the country. The Clean Water Act, passed by Congress nearly 40 years ago, provides for water quality protection through partnerships between the federal government and the states, but it does not provide unlimited power to the federal government. 

A Presidential Experience

The Clinton Presidential Center in Little Rock is a world-class educational and cultural venue offering a variety of special events, exhibitions, educational programs and lectures throughout the year.  Jordan Johnson with the Clinton Foundation tells us about some of the exhibits underway and coming.........

Arkansas Senate OKs Allowing Concealed Guns in Courthouses

County employees and elected officials could carry concealed handguns in a courthouse if a quorum court approves the practice under legislation approved by the Arkansas Senate. The bill approved by the Senate on a 33-1 vote Tuesday would allow concealed handguns by licensees if they're employees or elected officials whose principal place of employment is within the courthouse, the courthouse annex or other building owned, leased or regularly used by the county for conducting court proceedings or housing a county office. The concealed handguns would only be allowed if approved by that county's quorum court.  The legislation now heads to the House.

WHO Report Links Roundup's Active Ingredient To Cancer

A startling and controversial new report from the World Health Organization has found a commonly used weed killer has the potential to cause cancer.  The report takes aim at Roundup, an herbicide used by farmers and homeowners everywhere. The report outraged Monsanto, the company behind the chemical. The active chemical in Roundup, glyphosate, has sparked debated between environmentalists and the agriculture industry whether it's safe to use. WHO's international agency for research on cancer released a new report saying glyphosate is "probably carcinogenic." The study is a review of existing research and concludes there is "limited evidence" the main chemical in Roundup can cause non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and lung cancer.  Monsanto ripped the report, calling it biased, using cherry-picked data. The authors of the study deny that. The timing comes as the EPA is doing its scheduled review of glyphosate.

Blue Bell Recalls Ice Cream Cups for Possible Health Risk

Blue Bell Ice Cream has issued a recall for some of their 3-ounce ice cream cups for a possible health risk.  The institutional/food service ice cream cups with tab lids have the potential to be contaminated with Listeria monocytogenes, according to a news release from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration.  The organism can cause serious and possibly fatal infection in young children, the elderly or those with weak immune systemsl.  No injuries have been reported at this time.  The cups were distributed to 23 states including Arkansas and Missouri.  The cups are sold through convenience stores and supermarkets. Here are the cups to watch for:

Ice Cream Cup Chocolate (3 FL OZ) No UPC - SKU #453

Ice Cream Cup Strawberry (3 FL OZ) No UPC - SKU #452

Ice Cream Cup Vanilla (3 FL OZ) No UPC – SKU #451

If you have these cups, you are urged to return them to the place of purchase for a full refund. Call 979-836-7977 if you need more information.  The FDA also noted this recall does not include "Blue Bell Ice Cream half gallons, pints, quarts, 3 gallons or other 3 oz. cups."

News for March 24, 2015

Berryville Police Citing Dog Owners

In the past week, Berryville Police Officers have cited several citizens over dogs running loose.  According to the weekly incident logs from BVPD, on March 15th, Police were dispatched to the 600 block of Dawn Street to a report of a dog attacking a cat.  The owner of the dog was located and Police cited them into court.  On March 17th, Berryville Police responded to the 600 block of E. Freeman to a report of a dog running loose.  Again Police were able to track down the owner and they were given a warning this time.  On March 21st, a dogbite victim was reported in the 200 block of Cain Street.  That owner was found on McCloud Street and police issued a citation.  The city has just revised their animal control ordinance and it sets down fines and penalties for letting dogs run loose and also prohibits the tethering of dogs.

Possible Eureka Springs Home Invasion Being Investigated

Eureka Springs Police are investigating a possible home invasion that occurred March 18th on Nova Street in Eureka Springs.  According to the incident log, Police were called during the noon hour that day to a report of a break in and altercation with the occupant.  Although not confirmed, KTHS heard a gun of some sort was used in the altercation.  The occupant was reportedly injured and  had to seek medical care.  The suspects had left by the time police arrived.  A report was made and an investigation is underway.  KTHS was told that Chief Thomas Achord is on vacation this week, limiting getting any further information on this incident.

Kite Festival at Turpentine Creek!

Kites were invented in ancient China 2,600 years ago, but you don't have to go that far out of your way to see them fly! Spring Break will wind up here on Saturday, March 28, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with one of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge's most popular events of the year, its 25th annual Kite Festival celebration.  "Art With an Altitude," sponsored by KaleidoKites of Eureka Springs, is a free family event. Attendees can either bring their own kites or buy one at the refuge. The celebration includes vendors, contests and fun activities for parents and children.

KaleidoKites' experts will be on hand to assist children in kite making and flying techniques. Donations to the refuge are requested in exchange for kite-making assistance.  "Our kite festival has always been a very popular event here," says TCWR President and co-founder Tanya Smith. "We always hope people will come out for the kites and see the work we do here with endangered big cats and other animals. It's a great opportunity for fun and education at the same time.  For vendor information for this and other TCWR events contact victor@turpentinecreek.org or call 479-253-3718. To contact KaleidoKites please call 479- 253-6596.

Sanchez Wins Scholarship

Marleny Sanchez of Berryville has been awarded a Leadership Scholarship to attend Williams Baptist College in Walnut Ridge. The scholarship is awarded to incoming students based on their college entrance examination scores.  Sanchez is a senior at Berryville High School. She is the daughter of Juan Sanchez and Gloria Quiquivix of Berryville.

Gas Prices Drop in Arkansas

Gas prices are down nearly five cents in the past week. According to GasBuddy experts, the state average is $2.19 per gallon, lower than the national average of $2.42.  "Gasoline trends are all over the place, depending on where in the country motorists are," said Patrick DeHaan, GasBuddy senior petroleum analyst.  DeHaan predicts this summer will bring the lowest gasoline prices in five years.

ADEQ to Hold Hearing on Modifications to C&H Hog Farm

The Arkansas Department of Environmental Quality (ADEQ) is holding a public hearing for the proposed modification of coverage for C & H Hog Farm in Mount Judea under the Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation General Permit.  The hearing will be held at 6 p.m. April 20, 2015, at the Jasper School District Cafetorium, 600 School Street, in Jasper. Those attending the hearing should enter the school building at the clock tower.  The proposal involves modifying the Nutrient Management Plan to allow land application of wastewater from Waste Storage Pond 2 via tanker wagon.  Written comments will be accepted during the public comment period, which began on March 18, 2015, and ends on April 17, 2015 at 4:30 p.m. Central Time.

Arkansas Senate Approves Medicaid Plan Termination Notices

The Arkansas Senate has voted to tell thousands of people enrolled in the state's compromise Medicaid expansion their coverage is ending, even though a legislative task force hasn't issued its recommendations on the program's future. The bill approved by the Senate on a 21-7 vote Monday requires the state to send notices to those covered by the state's "private option" that the program is ending Dec. 31, 2016. The private option uses federal funds to purchase private insurance for low income residents. Republican Gov. Asa Hutchinson last month signed into law legislation continuing the program another year while a task force looks at alternatives for coverage. The task  force's recommendations are due by the end of the year.  The bill heads back to the House for a final vote.

Highway Funding Problem to Linger After Session Ends

Speaking to a group of business leaders last week, Arkansas’ governor and House speaker acknowledged that an important issue will not be resolved in the current legislative session: The need to find a new way to fund highway needs.  “We can’t get everything done in one session,” Gov. Asa Hutchinson told the Arkansas chapter of the National Federation of Independent Business in Little Rock on Thursday.  A bill that proposed a new funding formula for highways cleared the House Transportation Committee in February, but its sponsor, Rep. Dan Douglas, R-Bentonville, later withdrew the bill from the House calendar in the face of strong opposition.  House Bill 1346 proposed shifting sales tax revenue on new and used vehicles and vehicle-related items to the Arkansas Highway and Transportation Department, with the shift to be phased in over 10 years. Similar bills also failed in the 2011 and 2013 sessions.

Survey: AR, MO Among Worst Places to Retire

Arkansas is the worst state in the Union to plan your retirement, according to a new survey from www.Bankrate.com.  The “independent, advertising-supported publisher and comparison service” says Arkansas received the 4th lowest happiness scores in the nation among seniors, with  especially low overall scores for physical and emotional health. Other reasons sited by the website include Arkansas having the 6th highest crime rate in the nation, and  the 7th lowest health care quality score from the federal government.  Neighboring Missouri ranks 9th on the list of worst places to retire. Bankrate.com says Missouri is 14th in the nation for violent crime and property crime, according to the FBI; and also had the 6th highest murder rate in the United States in 2012.  The survey says the  best states to retire are Wyoming, Colorado, Utah and Idaho.

New for March 23, 2015

Eureka Springs Visitors Lost, then Found

Two lost hikers were found after a brief search Friday afternoon. Eureka Springs Fire and EMS responded to Lake Leatherwood around 4:30 P.M. for a report of two hikers who become lost in the park after getting off the trail. The 911 caller was able to give a GPS location in the park. By the time fire and EMS arrived the hikers had located a trail and were trying to move back south toward the lake. A command post was established at the lake office and communications maintained through the Carroll County Central 911 Center. The hikers reported to the dispatcher that they could see the lake. The dispatcher advised the couple to move to the waters edge. The city parks department provided a boat and operator for the EMS crew. Responders crossed the lake and located the lost couple on the shore. One of the victims suffered from low blood sugar but otherwise neither of the pair were injured and were not transported to the hospital. Time of arrival until the time of confirmed recovery of the hikers was less than thirty minutes. Eureka Springs Fire and EMS was assisted by members of the SORT team and Holiday Island Fire Department. The Tulsa, Oklahoma couple were in great spirits after the scare and requested to take a group photo of the rescuers.

Beaver Lake Master Plan Up for Review, Public Comment

Zones are being redrawn on Beaver Lake as the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers updates the lake's master plan.  The last update was in 1976, 10 years after the 1966 completion of the Beaver Lake project and before computers. Beaver Lake drawings are being digitized as part of the new plan, said Sean Harper, Beaver Lake operations project manager.  Descriptions of zones around the lake have changed since 1976, and new categories have been added. Those changes, plus missing information on some of the old maps make the new master plan a major overhaul.  A Corps website shows 1976 map classifications overlaid on the modern shoreline. Docks and mowing permits should be in the yellow low-density areas on the online map, said Dana Coburn, planning and environmental chief for the Corps Little Rock district.

Some areas of shore are missing any kind of label. Many docks now are in environmentally sensitive areas, formerly known as natural areas.  Those areas will have to be rezoned as part of the master plan, Harper said. There are 1,687 private docks and 670 community docks on Beaver Lake, creating 4,873 private slips, Harper said. The master plan will answer broad questions about what the lake should look like in 20 years, Coburn said. She oversaw the Table Rock and Bull Shoals master plan revisions. Water quality, safety and recreation were top priorities for Table Rock and Bull Shoals was water quality, environmental concerns and recreation, she said. Focus groups were called in to review draft plans that were presented in a second round of workshops before the final plan was approved, and the same process will be used at Beaver Lake.

Suspect in Cattle Rustling Enters Plea

A suspect in the theft of more than $100,000 worth of southwest Missouri livestock and farm equipment has entered a plea. 65-year-old  Howard L. Perryman, of Monett, pleaded guilty this week in Barry County to a receiving stolen property count. On a count of theft, he entered an Alford plea in which he  admitted no guilt but acknowledged the probability of a conviction if the case went to trial. He was sentenced to concurrent seven-year prison terms. Perryman previously  pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property charges that were filed in 2010. The latest plea was for charges filed in 2013. He still faces three counts of theft in Lawrence County and counts of theft and tampering with a motor vehicle in Greene County.

Meat Industry Fights New Dietary Proposal

The meat industry is seeing red.  Meat companies have tried to rehabilitate an image tarnished in recent years by health and environmental concerns. Now the industry is swiftly and aggressively working to discredit a proposal for new dietary guidelines that recommends people eat less red and processed meat.  The proposal last month by a government advisory committee also relegates the health benefits of lean meat to a footnote to the main recommendations.  The meat industry long has been one of the more powerful lobbies in Washington, enjoying an especially close relationship with the Agriculture Department, which has inspectors in meat processing plants. Together, the meat processing and livestock industries spent about $7 million on lobbying last year and donated more than $5 million to members of Congress in the last election cycle, according to the political money and influence tracking website OpenSecrets.org.  Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack has not said what the final guidelines will look like. But he has pledged to keep them focused on nutrition and diet, giving the meat industry some hope that perhaps at least the environmental portion could be left out.

Task Force Hopes to Revitalize Missouri Deer Hunting

A Missouri Senate committee has approved legislation that would set up a task force to look for ways to revitalize Missouri deer hunting areas affected by chronic wasting disease.  Senator Brian Munzlinger presented the bill and said he has met with the Department of Conservation, but there is disagreement about what should happen.  Munzlinger claims the Department of Conservation has thinned out the herd in some areas and it has caused land prices to go down.  Munzlinger said CWD is growing in certain areas.  “It appears that deer probably are going to be a long time before they come back in because we’ve had more CWD positive test come up this year again,” said Munzlinger.  “We need to look at some of these areas that have been hit hard with this disease and then actually had the herd depopulated to an extent that it has caused land value decreases.”  The 14 member task force would consist of lawmakers, landowners, and wildlife group members.  One member from Quail Forever, Pheasants Forever, Whitetails Unlimited, and the Conservation Federation of Missouri would be allowed to sit on the task force.

News for Friday, March 20, 2015

Four Carroll Countians Sentenced to Federal Prison as Part of Meth Ring

Six people are headed to federal prison for a combined total of more than 50 years for their involvement a drug-trafficking ring in Carroll County, Ark.
The defendants sentenced this week:

• Bryan McClelland, 51, of Eureka Springs was sentenced to 10 years for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine.
• Shellie McClelland, 50, of Eureka Springs was sentenced to four years in prison for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine.
• Shane Stephenson, 37, of Berryville, was sentenced to five years in for Distribution of Methamphetamine.
• Chad Mott, 35, of Oak Grove was sentenced to six years in prison for Distribution of Methamphetamine.
• Andrew Crane, 34, of Clinton, Mo., was sentenced to 15 years in prison for Conspiracy to Distribute Methamphetamine, and to five years in prison for Travel in Interstate   Commerce to Aid Drug Trafficking, to run concurrently.
• William Adcock, 40, of Hot Springs, Ark., was sentenced to four years in prison for Distribution of Methamphetamine.

Western Arkansas U.S. Attorney Eldridge said, “Children across our district deserve to grow up in communities free from trafficking in drugs and the violence and other crime that comes with it. We remain focused on identifying and prosecuting those responsible for bringing large amounts of methamphetamine and other drugs onto our streets.”  According to court records, in 2013, the Drug Enforcement Administration and Homeland Security Investigations launched an investigation into a drug trafficking organization in Carroll County that had ties to Kansas and Missouri.  On May 8, 2014, law enforcement executed a search warrant which resulted in the seizure of 18 firearms and more than $24,000 in United States currency.  Investigators pegged Crane and Brian McClelland as the leaders of the multi-state ring.

Balancing Act in Eureka Springs Classroom

Students in Eureka Springs have to deal with a balancing act of sorts in the classroom.  Kids in one third grade class are trading in traditional chairs for stability balls.
Tabitha Grimm, third grade teacher at Eureka Springs Elementary Schools said, "I had done some research and read that the stability balls would increase their focus, making their bodies be available and in turn it's supposed to increase their brains,"   Grimm wrote a grant on DonorsChoose.org and received full funding to get the inflatable alternative for her students. Believe it or not, Grimm says the balls are actually less distracting than the typical classroom chairs. One third grader says the switch took some getting used to, but now she's enjoying the change. "The chairs were hard and they didn't make me so comfortable so I couldn't bend over and focus so in those, I can move forward and in any position I want," said Anna Forke, a third grader at the school. The students enjoy bouncing on the balls and teachers are noticing a bounce in their school work.  "So far, I've noticed an increase in how well they're working," Grimm said.  Grimm's class is the first in the Eureka Springs School District to bring the stability balls in class.

Tyson: Its Goals Immune to Trend

Tyson Foods will meet its financial goals despite uncertainty over consumer attitudes toward antibiotics, executives said Wednesday.  Speaking at a Consumer Analyst Group of Europe conference in London, Dennis Leathery, chief financial officer, said Tyson is well-suited to adapt to customer demand regarding how poultry is raised.  "A couple of weeks ago many of you may have seen an announcement by McDonald's about sourcing chicken without antibiotics that are important to human medicine," he said. "We support McDonald's decision, and, in fact, we worked very closely with them on this decision because we were already headed in that direction." Shares of Tyson Foods have been down more than 7 percent since March 4, the day McDonald's announced a move away from chicken raised with medically important antibiotics. Anti-microbials that aren't used in human medicine, like ionophores, will continue to be allowed by the restaurant chain. McDonald's is a "top 10" customer for Tyson, and the company has several facilities dedicated to the chain, Leatherby said. Investors also have sold stock on fears that export markets will dry up because of trade restrictions over the avian flu. The disease was not mentioned during the consumer-focused conference Wednesday.

Fire forces evacuation of Yakov Smirnoff Theater in Branson

Dozens of people had to be evacuated from the Yakov Smirnoff Theater in Branson as smoke poured from the kitchen.  Branson Fire Chief Ted Martin tells KY3 News that the fire started in a storage room near the kitchen area.  According to Chief Martin, there are a series of unused baseboard infrared heaters in that room, along with several old theater seats.   Chief Martin believes that sometime this evening, one of those heaters was turned on, which in turn caused the seats to catch fire.  Chief Martin says his crew is "95 percent sure" that this is the cause of the fire, but there may be some underlying electrical issues which also need addressed.  Yakov Smirnoff was not inside the theater at the time of tonight's fire.  Tomorrow, Chief Martin will meet with theater management to determine when the theater will be able to reopen.

Time to Hit the Brakes on Gas Credit Cards

America's economy may be finally rising above its recession depths, but too many Americans are still sinking their household finances by taking on too much credit card debt. A recent survey found new credit card debt rose by 47% last year compared to 2013 and is expected to rise by 5% this year, reaching $60 billion.  Using plastic, in the form or credit or debit cards, is certainly convenient, especially when you're in a hurry -- like at the gas station. This year's Consumer Fuels Survey by the National Association of Convenience Stores reports that nearly 80% of consumers use plastic when paying at the pump.  And some consumers got in the habit of using gas station-branded credit cards in recent years as gas prices drifted higher and higher in the hope of using their per-gallon discounts, rebates and other reward programs tied to those cards to make gas a little more affordable.  But a new report by CreditCards.com says for most consumers, gas credit cards are no longer the deal they were in recent years.  The report points to several factors you should consider before swiping that gas credit card, such as their high interest rates. The average APR (annual percentage rate) of a gas card is 24% compared to 15% for general-purpose cards.

Is Your Teen Using Apps To Keep Secrets?

If you think "my teen would never sext," you might be mistaken.  And if you think the only teens who sext are the ones engaging in high-risk behaviors, like drinking, using drugs or skipping school, keep reading.  Studies suggest that sexting is more common than many parents might realize or want to admit. More than half the undergraduate students who took part in an anonymous online survey said they sent sexually suggestive texts when they were teenagers, according to the study by Drexel University, which was published last year by the Journal of Sexuality Research and Social Policy. Nearly 30% said they included photos in their sexts, and an astonishing 61% did not know that sending nude photos via text could be considered child pornography. Another study, this one by the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston, found that while students who admitted sexting were 32% more likely to report having sex the next year, sexting by teenagers was not linked to risky sexual behavior over time. The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, found that teens who sexted were not more likely to have multiple sexual partners, use drugs or alcohol before sex or not use birth control. Sexting may be the new "normal' when it comes to adolescent sexual behavior, the study concluded.

Gov. Hutchinson Names Advisory Council on Medicaid Reform

While 16 legislators on a task force will debate and set policy on the future of Medicaid and health care reform, advocacy groups and state agency leaders will also be advising and discussing the issues too. On Wednesday, Gov. Asa Hutchinson named members of a Governor’s Advisory Council on Medicaid Reform to be chaired by Surgeon General Greg Bledsoe. In addition to advocacy groups and state agency directors, the council is made up of other organizations representing Medicaid providers and recipients, as well as legislative and citizen representatives. Hutchinson said members will work closely with the Governor’s office and the Legislative Task Force on Healthcare Reform “to identify more efficient and effective reforms for the Medicaid program.